Liverpool Dismiss £30 Million Suarez Bid From Arsenal

Liverpool FC have apparently turned down an audacious £30 million bid by Premier League rivals Arsenal for their want-away striker Luis Suarez. There was speculation last week that Arsenal had offered the Merseysiders what would have been an almost cheeky £25 million, but it now seems that Arsenal´s offer was far more serious, and that Liverpool turned them down because they are a league rival.

Suarez has long been linked with a move to Real Madrid, with Liverpool hoping they can net as much as £40 million for the striker. Madrid president Florentino Perez is a huge fan of Suarez, and would love to see him at the Santiago Bernabeu. Ironically, any deal with Madrid would depend on the exit of their Argentinian goal scorer Gonzalo Higuain, who has been linked with a move to Arsenal for most of the summer. However, the transfer of Higuain is still not completed, with teams like Juventus and Napoli also entering the bidding and the possibility of new Real boss Carlo Anceloti choosing to persevere with a player who netted 107 goals in 187 games for the Spanish giants.

The failure to complete the Higuain deal may have sparked Arsenal´s interest in Suarez. The Uruguayan certainly had an attention grabbing season for Liverpool, finishing as the team’s top scorer but also grabbing headlines across the sporting world for his bizarre bite on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic that led to a ten game suspension.

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Everything you Need to Know about Lawsuit Loans

Are you the victim of an injury caused by someone else and are unable to work? Have you filed a lawsuit and are awaiting judgment and a financial settlement? Are you finding it difficult to make two ends meet till you get the settlement? Are you contemplating opting for a lower, out of court settlement because you cannot possibly wait any longer? If your answer is in the affirmative to the above questions, maybe it is time for you to apply for a Lawsuit Loan.


What is a Lawsuit Loan?


A Lawsuit Loan, also called lawsuit funding or settlement funding, is an advance paid to you by a funding agency, on your pending lawsuit settlement. This would help you tide over immediate financial hardships and help you pay for your rent, mortgage, groceries, Utilities and other costs which will not wait.


Though it is called a loan, it need not be repaid like a traditional bank loan, nor does one have to be credit worthy to be eligible for one. A lawsuit loan is an advance payment on the final settlement you will receive once you win your lawsuit. An interest would be charged on the advance and would be deducted from the settlement received. In the event of your losing the lawsuit, there is no need to pay back the advance received.


Two types of lawsuit loans:


There are two types of lawsuit loans that you could opt for – Pre settlement and post settlement. Pre settlement loans are those given before any settlement is reached in court. It helps you sustain yourself and your family till a financial settlement is made. A post settlement loan is one which you can apply for after the settlement has been made but while you are still waiting for the check to reach you.


Who is eligible for a Lawsuit Loan?


You would be eligible to apply for a loan if you have filed a lawsuit for


- Personal injury by others


- Malpractice ( medical or otherwise)


- Auto accidents


- Discrimination / harassment at work


- Other accidents.


How does one get a Lawsuit Loan?
There are numerous websites that offer lawsuit loans. These are frequently advertised on Television and on Billboards. All you have to do is call the toll free number or fill in an online application. A representative from the funding company will get in touch with you and your lawyer to verify details about your lawsuit. If you are found eligible, the representative will make a deal with you and your advance will be wired to your account within seventy two hours. 10 to 15 per cent of your expected settlement would be made as an advance payment.


What is in it for the funding company?


Since the funding agency has to bear all the risk and loss in case the plaintiff loses the lawsuit, it is but natural that they charge an interest on the advance given and claim it once the settlement is made in court. The interest rates are steep, again, expected and acceptable, as no one else would lend you the money at a time when you are laid off work and irrespective of your credit worthiness.


So instead of being pressurized by financial constraints and accepting a low offer that the defendants lawyer is offering you , consider the option of applying for a lawsuit loan to tide you over till a settlement is made .


Tall order for Murray at Wimbledon

Andy Murray was the runner-up at Wimbledon 2012 and he’ll need to produce a gargantuan effort to go one better this time around.

Andy Murray enjoyed an outstanding second half of the 2012 season which saw him pick up an Olympic Gold, the US Open title and a runner-up finish at the Wimbledon Championships. Having established himself as one of the ATP’s leading grass court players he’ll now be seeking to finally end Britain’s title drought at the All-England Club, which dates all the way back to 1936.

There are reasons to believe that Murray can go the distance in 2013. For starters he’s well acquainted with the turf and has a big game on the quick surfaces. His return game is outstanding and he’s got the necessary defence to take the sting out of the attacking approaches of the big men who will want to capitalise on the court speed. To add to this he’s a great counter-puncher, strong off both wings and increasingly a complete all-round player.

Murray’s problem lies in the calibre of opponent that he has to defeat on his way to glory. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are both looking unbelievable strong at the moment and they’re without a doubt the two dominant forces in the ATP. They’ve both won Wimbledon, regardless of any dispute that they might not be at their best on grass courts.

Then there’s Roger Federer, who beat Murray here in the 2012 final. The Swiss legend might not have the aura that he possessed in his prime but he’s still a remarkable competitor on grass. This is the one surface where he might still be able to edge his rivals over five sets.

There are several other rivals who could be listed but the point is already clear. Murray will need to be in top form from start to finish at the All-England Club and there are plenty of players who will be eager for the opportunity to silence the home crowds.

A lot will depend on Murray himself. He started 2013 strongly as expected and was competitive against Djokovic in the Australian Open final. However, he’s suffered from a demoralising clay court swing, in which his results were decent but not to the level that he’d have hoped for. To make matters worse he aggravated a back injury that’s plagued him for a while now. Never mind winning the title, it may be a battle for Murray to get through two weeks of slam tennis without having to pull out.

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